Company policy

Geiger GmbH recognises the importance of its social, ecological and economic responsibilities in its company policy.
Within this binding company policy we adopt the values and responsibility with which we conduct our daily business alongside our guiding principles and Code of Conduct.



• Customer focus:
The needs of our customers set the standards for our products and govern how we act. A close and trusting relationship in the form of a partnership with our customers is central.

• Employee responsibility:
All employees, regardless of their role and seniority, are one of our key resources. They possess an outstanding and well-developed awareness of quality, the environment and energy consumption, along with personal responsibility and social competence.
Regular training and development activities don’t just help to foster job satisfaction among our employees, but also further heighten their awareness of quality, the environment and the use of energy and resources, both within and outside of the company. This all comes together to sustainably improve the efficiency of the business.

• Efficient business processes:
Our processes are constantly being analysed and improved with corrective actions being taken as and when necessary, in keeping with the adage: “Nothing is so good that it can’t be improved”. We aim for a zero defect strategy and to improve our environmental performance as well as reduce and ultimately avoid any negative impact on the environment.

• Supplier relationships based upon cooperation:
By being open and communicative with our suppliers we aim to build long-lasting partnerships. Our supplier Code of Conduct plays an important role in this aim. We further undertake to procure products and services that are as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible.

• Environment:
We consider it our responsibility to help save the environment by aiming to ensure a harmonious coexistence for competing ecological and economical needs. As such, we promote environmental protection at all levels of our business. This requires us to determine and evaluate our key environmental aspects as well as meet defined environmental goals and monitor success using measurable characteristics.
With regard to potential environmental hazards, we take a preventative approach by continuously reducing use of raw materials and emissions. We see this continuous process of improvement in our environmental processes, as well as the development and proliferation of environmentally friendly technologies, as additional prerequisites for effectively reducing costs and making an important contribution to saving the environment in both the medium and long term.
Implementing and fulfilling all binding obligations is fundamental to what we do.

• Energy:
Consideration is given to energy efficiency from the very start during the procurement of raw materials, tools, supplies and consumables, as well as in the selection and design of new systems.
Our overarching goal is to continuously reduce energy consumption to achieve cost, immission and emission reductions.
We accomplish this through the ever more energy-efficient use of our primary energy sources - electricity and oil.
The aim is to reduce consumption-related energy costs by 12.5% by 2025 compared to the same costs in 2018. We also aim to increase the proportion of energy from renewable sources from 64.4% to >75% by 2025. In order to do this, we are following a strategy of evaluating energy power factors based on defined criteria and using the results to develop an appropriate programme for saving energy.
We are introducing processes and workflows that will allow us to achieve our ambitious goals.
The management team is committed to providing all the data and resources that are required in order to do this.
We also undertake to meet all requirements set down by legislation as well as in external standards and our own internal standards with regard to energy use, efficiency and consumption.

• Health and safety in the workplace:
The health and safety of our staff in all processes is our topmost priority and is therefore a special responsibility of the management team. Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is important.
All employees are asked to help conscientiously ensure that all health and safety measures are properly implemented and observed each and every day. Every member of staff is obligated to report any hazards they find and is entitled to have potential risks dealt with.

• Goal-oriented leaderships:
Management creates a working environment in which all employees can do their very best to help ensure that we achieve our business goals. Any corrective and improvement measures that are needed are initiated immediately.

• Profitability:
In order to maintain and further develop our business, an appropriate amount of profit is essential.

• Ethics:
We are committed to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and universal principles and values.

We have therefore drawn up the following ethical principles and support their implementation:
• We support and respect the protection of international human rights
• We reject all forms of forced labour
• We reject the very idea of child labour
• We support ending discrimination in professional and employment relationships
• We avoid the use of raw materials from areas of conflict (“conflict minerals”)

• Anti-corruption:
We work consistently and diligently to eliminate all forms of corruption, blackmail, misappropriation and advantages won through bribery, and apply our binding company principles concerning these matters regardless of the person in question.

Our company policy is regularly reviewed with regard to changes to operational and other requirements as part of our management evaluation process. Upon request, the management team may decide the extent to which company policy and/or related information may be made publicly available.
July 2022