In the heart of nature – totally
committed to the environment

• Environmentally compatible production:
We use raw materials and energy economically.
The use of recyclable materials, the use of low-waste and environmentally friendly techniques and the apparent disposal of residual waste are our priority objectives. 

• Continuous improvement of our environmental performance:
In the frame of economic capacities environmental impact has to be continuously reduced.
Based on defining our environmental goals, we conduct concrete improvements. 

• Environmental protection starts with the employee:
In our company each individual employee is responsible for environmental protection. We promote individual responsibility and personal initiative by educating and raising awareness in all fields of operational environmental protection and we provide incentives for our employees to make suggestions for improvement. 

• Operational disruption:
When manufacturing our products, adequate means in order to prevent operational disruption and to reduce negative environmental impact are applied.

• Compliance with laws and regulations:
The self-evident implementation and compliance with laws, provisions, authority notifications and other regulations is done by qualified self-regulation.

• Environmental protection and our suppliers:
We encourage our contractual partners and suppliers to act according to these aims and principles of action.

• Public dialog:
We want to create confidence by active communication. Therefore we maintain an open dialog with neighbours, authorities and all interested groups about environmental issues concerning us.